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We've Got Your Back!

We've Got Your Back!

Undercolor Removal, Grey Component Replacement, CMYK, RGB, FSC, SFI, ISO, PMS ( hundreds), Dot Gain, Spectrophotometry, Calorimetry, Densitometry, Trap, Hue Error, total dot percentage, Grey Balance……Stop the Insanity!!!!

All these terms have a place in the print world. And it doesn’t take much for one of these to

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The Pre-Press Process

The Pre-Press Process

The pre-press process is one of the most underrated and important aspects of traditional media and printing. It directly affects the finished product and often distinguishes the craftsmanship of a quality printer

What is Prepress? Prepress refers to everything that happens to make sure a job is correctly prepared for printing. This is when you catch the errors that could

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Perfect Circle: Craftsmanship & Technology in Printing

Craftsmanship frees technology. Technology enables craftsmanship.

It started with artists and craftsman carefully hand-copying written manuscripts or using wood type-blocks to hand produce printed works. That was printing, and it had been done the same way for hundreds of years. Until 1440, when Johannes Gutenberg invented the moveable type printing press in Germany.

His new technology revolutionized printing by breaking down the limitations of

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The New Complemar Blog!!

We are very excited to be launching our new Complemar blog this month. After a year or so of excommuni-blogo, we have a renewed committment to providing valuable information, insights, and stories to our customers through this blog. We will be talking about a lot of different subjects including Product and Order Fulfillment, Contract Packaging, Returns Management, Direct Mail, Creative Services, and Print.

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