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Location Is (Almost) Everything In Shipping and Fulfillment

Consider this: You’re an ecommerce retailer trying to grow a loyal and happy customer base. You have invested significant time and resources into developing a great product offering, an easy-to-use website, perfectly designed and executed marketing campaigns, and an exceptional customer service team. With these factors in place, you feel confident new customers will find you and return customers will keep coming back.

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Disruption to the Last Mile for Online Retailers

The growth in online retail sales – and consumer’s expectation for faster and cheaper shipping - has changed how ecommerce retailers think about customer delivery. The last mile, the term used to describe an order’s move from an online retailer’s fulfillment center to the buyer’s home, is more than just the last step in the shipping process. It has a huge impact on the customer’s perception of a brand.

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When Should a Company Outsource Its Order Fulfillment Operations?

Fulfillment and shipping costs make or break an online retailer. Selling online is a competitive business so any edge a retailer can get to minimize these expenses is a good thing – and the savings will always drop straight to the bottom line. It’s no surprise then that every profitable ecommerce company knows optimizing their processes for packing and shipping customer orders is a top priority.

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Complemar Teaches Math & Science!

Complemar was proud to sponsor the 2017 RIT SMASH Event in Rochester, NY last week. Each summer, Rochester Institute of Technology hosts the Summer Math Applications in Science with Hands-On Experience for Girls (SMASH) which is a week long curriculum focused on improving the two attitudinal values, perceived usefulness of mathematics and mathematical self-efficacy, impacting math-related achievement. In plain words, they make math and science fun to learn and work to crush any fears of learning math. As RIT likes to say, the event "awakens their passion for numbers!"

Read more: Complemar Teaches Math & Science! Exhibits at 2017 IRCE in Chicago was a featured exhibitor again this year at the 2017 IRCE trade show in Chicago June 5th through 9th. The Internet Retailers Conference and Expo features both a conference and an exhibit hall. The exhibit hall features 600 exhibitors/vendors in 250,000 sq ft of space sharing their solutions for e-commerce business owners. Over 10,000 e-commerce professionals attended the show this year.

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