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Packaging Services

From food, beverage and paper products to phone cards and cameras, Complemar has the resources and expertise to meet your most demanding packaging needs. In addition to the Product and Kit Services, Complemar provides customers with professional contract packaging and assembly services.

Contract Packaging

We have the experience and necessary skills to help you develop, from concept to procurement through production, the most cost-effective and practical solutions for your product. We provide the labor, equipment, location, and knowledge to create or assemble the very best package for your company's product.

Learn More About Our Packaging Services

  • Blister Sealing

    Contract Packaging Blister Seal

    Complemar has the ability to produce both face seal and foldover blister packs for retail and other industries. Utilizing the latest technology Complemar can accurately measure interface temperature assuring the highest quality seal possible. Additionally, Complemar print can provide you with all of your backer card and PVC or PET blisters. Let Complemar be your partner from design to distribution.

  • Cartoning

    Contract Packaging Cartoning

    Complemar has a broad range of automatic cartoners to handle all carton sizes. We can handle both tuck, reverse tuck, and seal end cartons.

    Need folding cartons? Complemar print can be your one stop for design, and manufacture of cartons ensuring you and your customers get what you need EVERY TIME.

  • Shrink Wrapping

    Contract Packaging Shrink Wrap

    Shrink wrapping is the most common way to wrap and seal products, boxes, packages, and bottles. It works well, creates a professional finish, is easy to open and economical to use. We have been shrink wrapping products for over a decade and can provide creative solutions to your packaging needs.

    Shrink wrapping can be used on just about any object or material, including paper. We shrink wrap a lot of marketing materials and training kits for customers, for example. Get that professional functional finish economically with shrink wrapping.

  • Flow Wrapping

    Contract Packaging Flow Wrap

    With highly automated vertical flow wrapping equipment, Complemar is your source for high volume flow wrapping. Whether you are using clear film or a custom printed stock, we can provide the solution. Great for mail or promotional items, and Complemar can insert multiple items per pack giving your package the most “bang for the buck”.

  • Display Building

    Contract Packaging Display Building

    Promotional displays are an important part of the retail business. Let Complemar provide you with design and assembly of custom displays for your product. Whether it is full pallet displays for the big box stores, half wings, power wings, or countertop displays, we can get it done.

    Complemar assembles and distributes over 300,000 displays a year directly to stores throughout North America.

  • Affixing/Tip On

    Contract Packaging Affixing

    Our tip-on technology is the definition of versatility. We offer an extensive choice of product attaching and finishing capabilities; examples of products include plastic cards, membership cards, gift cards, credit cards, magnets, coupons, folded inserts, and product inserts.

  • Labeling/Shrink Sleeving

    Contract Packaging Labeling

    Complemar knows labeling. With equipment to handle both pressure sensitive and PVC shrink labels we can ensure your package stands out in the crowd. We can handle round, concave, and convex shapes. Our packaging experts can help to provide a solution that meets your needs.

    No label supplier, no problem! Complemar print can design and produce your labels to the exacting standards you require. Give Complemar an opportunity to provide labeling for you today.

We Are Creative. We Are Committed.

And we love solving contract packaging challenges. We will get it done.

Kitting & Assembly

Complemar offers many services including procurement, project management, hand assembly and delivery configured to meet your exact requirements.

Kitting Assembly

Assembly service can be project driven or integrated with your on-going fulfillment and distribution programs; from high-quality inspection to point of purchase displays. Complemar brings quality assurance and control processes, experienced managers and trained production specialists to your assembly projects.

Learn More About Our Kitting & Assembly Services

  • Kitting & Assembly

    Contract Packaging Kitting Assembly

    Custom hand assembly, manufacturing sub-assemblies and kitting are core expertise areas at Complemar. We assemble products into packaging and packaging variations, premium and promotional items, and any combination of elements required. Our expertise extends from small intricate parts, to simple combining, to complex assemblies of varying components.

    And Warehouse Management and Inventory Management Systems within our COMET Software Suite optimize the process through the tracking, location planning, and inventory level monitoring of all products and parts at all stages of kitting and assembly projects.

  • Quality Inspection

    Contract Packaging Quality Inspection

    We are experts at Quality Inspection, Sorting, and Reselecting. Complemar will inspect the production batch and examine products in the line for possible defects. We identify deviations, if any, and offer advice on corrective measures that will ensure uniformity of product and quality.

  • Tolling

    Contract Packaging Tolling

    Complemar can provide as much or as little of the packaging that you require. We are certainly capable of producing components you may need for your project, but we are also happy to just provide the labor/packaging equipment for your job. Send us your components and we can assemble/package and distribute for you. Tolling is a low risk way to get started with Complemar. Try us today!