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Creative Services

When it comes to creative, we live it every day. Our goal in adding a Creative Services Division was to provide you with true on-stop capability.


In today's business world, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs is paramount. Our customers love having the ability to get their creative and design projects completed in the same place that their printing is completed, and their products are packaged, fulfilled, and warehoused. It has given them an unprecedented ability to have their cake and it eat too! And we are not a fulfillment company that has a guy who designs pretty good, we have experienced Art Directors, Creative Directors, and Designers, as well as a complete in-house Programming/Software Development Team. From brand ideation and strategy to fully executed brand implementations into the market. From print design to fully interactive media design. From desktop software to complete mobile & tablet app development. Concept to completion, we are your new creative services resource.

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  • Creative Direction

    Creative Direction

    Creative Direction & Ideation are core strengths of our Creative Services Team. Creative Direction is the oversight of any creative, design, or branding project. Every project requires a leader who holds the vision and overall creative strategy, and oversees the implementation and execution of that creative vision. Creative Direction is also providing customers with ideas and creative direction when it comes to branding, design, creative marketing strategy, and product development. If you need ideas and direction, we are your resource.

    Creative thought and direction is not just for creative projects however. Creative thought processes can solve problems in any area - technical, physical, logistical, strategic, and tactical. Apply our creative thought leaders to your next project and you'll love the results.

  • Design/Development

    Design & Development

    Design & Development are necessary in today's business world. You cannot start or run a business without them, you cannot design and launch a product without them. Logos and brand identity need to be designed, print collaterals need to be designed, web sites need to be designed and programmed, interactive media and electronic communications need design and programming, and you can't have a mobile or tablet app without design and development services.


    Our team of designers can bring your ideas, brand, and products to life. Design for print, web, electronic and interactive media, and mobile are all areas of expertise. We've won many design awards! We will make you and your projects look great!

    Programming & Development

    Complemar has a complete in-house programming and development staff. Our programmers are experts in many areas - web development & programming, desktop development & programming, and mobile development & programming. These guys and gals think in code - all day, every day. And they're really good at it! They developed and maintain the COMET Software Suite - our proprietary complete order lifecycle management software. It is the heart of our packaging, fulfillment, and warehouse operations and provides robust e-Commerce, Product & Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, and Order Management Systems integrated with extensive web services and API capabilities.

    Bottom line, if you need development of any kind, we can make that happen.

  • Writing


    Writing is often overlooked as a core competency for a Creative Services agency or business. Not here. We have writers on staff that can handle writing projects ranging from creative name ideation, advertising & marketing copy, public relations copywriting (press releases, columns, etc.), to technical writing and training copywriting. Let us write some words, like these right here, for you!

  • Photo/Video

    Photography and Video

    A picture is worth a thousands words, and a video is worth a hundred thousand! In today's internet and social media driven environment, you need visuals to help tell your story. Words alone don't cut it anymore. Let us help you tell your story through meaningful, creative, and professional photography and video production.


    We shot all of the photography on this web site. We love photography and are passionate about creating professional images that tell a story. With years of professional photography experience, why not give us a shot!? We'll get you a great shot!

    Video Production

    Video production requires two proficiencies - creative and technical. On the creative side, you need to know how to tell a story - how to guide a viewer through from beginning to middle to end. You have to engage, and ultimately compel, in order to create action and response from the viewer.

    On the technical side, you need professionals who understand cameras, lighting, movement and motion, sound/audio and music, editing, and motion graphics creation. Combined, this is a lot to understand and even more to be really good at. That is why companies and brands turn to video production specialists to express their visions through video. We are experts, we will get it done.

Creative To The Core.

We want to be your creative partner. You'll be surprised by our capability.