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Complemar was proud to sponsor the 2017 RIT SMASH Event in Rochester, NY last week. Each summer, Rochester Institute of Technology hosts the Summer Math Applications in Science with Hands-On Experience for Girls (SMASH) which is a week long curriculum focused on improving the two attitudinal values, perceived usefulness of mathematics and mathematical self-efficacy, impacting math-related achievement. In plain words, they make math and science fun to learn and work to crush any fears of learning math. As RIT likes to say, the event "awakens their passion for numbers!"

The week-long program is attended by mostly 8th grade girls with a "demo" session the last day. Complemar had a demo table where we discussed, demonstrated and challenged the girls to learn about dimensional weight. In our business dimensional weight is used by the shippers (UPS, FedEx) to charge for shipping. The smaller the dimensional weight, the less the cost. So we explained and challenged the attendees to fit a series of products into the smallest box possible, and then to calculate the dimensional weight of that box using the correct mathematical formula.

They were also challenged to solve a classic wood box puzzle, fitting the pieces correctly into the small box - the geometry of packing a box. It was a lot of fun for us as well as for the girls attending. We're looking forward to returning again next summer.

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