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Clinical Trials

In the Clinical Trials industry, integrity is everything.

Complemar’s world class Quality System combined with our certifications and expertise in pharmaceutical and clinical trials will ensure you get what you need.

Our cGMP compliant, ISO and FDA registered facilities are poised and ready to help with your next project. 

Complemar currently supports over 280 clinical trials with major pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We provide study and patient specific diagnostic specimen collection kits along with phlebotomy and other ancillary supplies.

Complemar designs, manufactures, and supplies IATA compliant packaging to ensure that your specimens arrive to accessioning in good condition allowing you to collect those invaluable data points for the trial.

Our world-class software allows for roles based and rules based levels of access to ensure that sites, clinical trials managers, and even the sponsoring companies get the information that they need and nothing more, in real time.

Whether it is kitting, investigator manual production, custom labeling, or design and distribution of the packaging...

Complemar is your resource for clinical trials management.

To learn more about our Clinical Trials capabilities, Certifications and expertise, visit the Complemar Healthcare Fulfillment web site below:

Complemar Healthcare Fulfillment

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