3 Ways to Optimize Your Warehouse
09 Aug 2021 Jeremy Herrington

3 Ways to Optimize Your Warehouse

When it comes to fulfillment the warehouse is crucial in the success of the company. It all ends in the warehouse, packaging the customer's products to picking the item off of the floor to send it out to the final destination, the warehouse is essential in making sure your company works efficiently. An optimized warehouse is something easier said than done, with so many moving parts just one hiccup will ruin the flow for a product. Here are some tips that you can use to make sure your warehouse is running as smoothly as possible.



Making sure that you are tracking specific performance measurements is crucial when trying to run a warehouse at maximum efficiency. If you are not tracking performance indicators, there is going to be no way to see if you are doing a good or bad job. Putting software in place to make sure these metrics are tracked automatically will help in the automation process and can then see the positives and negatives without taking time out of your day. Using the software to correct improper or bad practices will save you money and speed up the process of all items going through the facilities.


Physical Layout

The physical layout of your warehouse is crucial in its success. Making sure that items are placed strategically will ensure that you will be able to package or pick the items in the fastest way possible. Tracking the movement throughout the warehouse can also be beneficial in minimizing the time between picks. One last thing that is important and can be overlooked is the size of the rows. Thinking about the width of the rows to ensure your machines can fit through and can get by each other without causing a traffic jam is going to make sure that everything will be moving as efficiently as possible.



Making sure that your equipment is all up to date and in good working order is one of the most crucial things that you can do to make sure you don't run into unexpected problems. Of course, some problems may arise, but it will mitigate most of the risk. Making sure that equipment will also ensure that your employees will make sure that they can do their job without increasing their physical workload. Equipment breakdowns can cost you a lot of money in time and productivity. Ways to prevent this are doing weekly checklists on your equipment and also making sure your equipment isn’t getting overused.


Optimizing your warehouse is a lot easier said than done but with planning and infrastructure put into place it can increase your productivity and in the long run make your money. This is something every company should think about and having yearly updates and meetings can ensure that you will not fall behind on your duties and provide your customers with the best experience possible.

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