Day in the life of Complemar Software and IT departments
24 Nov 2020 Jeff Cagwin

Day in the life of Complemar Software and IT departments

The Complemar Software and IT departments are a part of Complemar that keeps the process working.


At Complemar we have 5 locations that are all interconnected to each other. This has to be up and running 24/7, so our locations can process orders. We try to have fault-tolerant solutions with no single point of failure.


The Complemar IT department is helping employees and customers with multiple items and issues throughout the day. It could be a small issue as the wrong zip code on an order to the system is down. The System Administrators and Software Engineers field all of these issues.

Complemar has its own custom software solution and the software engineers are adding new features and troubleshooting issues every day.


Leading these departments makes for a busy and fast-paced day.


The day starts with reviewing emails, making sure everyone is at work.

Then the barrage starts with solving the ticket issues from the previous day that were not completed. Keeping over 140 servers and 280 PC's running is a constant job for the IT department as well as helping all of the users on the system. My team takes care of simple password resets to system down events.


Our Software development team adheres to the agile development process,

One thing that separates Agile from other approaches to software development is the focus on the people doing the work and how they work together. Solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams utilizing the appropriate practices for their context. Managers of this process make sure team members have, or obtain, the right skill sets. Managers must provide an environment that allows the team to be successful. Managers should let their team figure out how they are going to deliver products, but step in when the teams try but are unable to resolve issues. When most teams and organizations start doing Agile software development, they focus on the practices that help with collaboration and organizing the work, which is great. However, another key set of practices that are not as frequently followed but should be are specific technical practices that directly deal with developing software in a way that helps your team deal with uncertainty. Those technical practices are essential and something you shouldn’t overlook.


When you are in the IT business your day can bounce around from task to task every day. Some days you feel like you have not accomplished anything but worked on 100's of issues and tasks.



This is another hat worn here also. Making sure that all the cameras are working and managing the access control system for all employees. I am reviewing footage daily to make sure our people and buildings are safe and secure.


We are always looking for new solutions to address issues and requirements.

Our main facility is located in NY State and with COVID19 there were a lot of regulations that we have to address. Each person that enters our buildings have to have their temperature taken and they have to fill out the required questions for the state. We have set up an infra-red system that takes your temperature and also a simple web page solution to record the required question for the state.


We are currently in the development of a few solutions to make our fulfillment line more productive and error-free. These solutions will use AI to help the operator process orders remembering similar order types to speed up the process.


We are also updating systems and software daily to keep up with ever-changing technology.


If you like a busy and changing work environment then IT work is where it is. Just remember that in an IT job it is a 24/7 job so be prepared.

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