3 Clues That Say You Need A Fulfillment Company
02 Jun 2021 Jeremy Herrington

3 Clues That Say You Need A Fulfillment Company

Ecommerce has grown at an incredible rate this past year and going into quarter three there is no sign of it slowing down. This new growth may have forced your company to work overtime to meet the needs of your new customers. You may be overrun with orders that it has now become a full-time job to package and process all of your goods. Most people don’t think of fulfillment until they need to or it is too late. Everyone thinks of an amazing product, but most don’t think about the logistics of shipping or packaging the product. That is what outsourcing your fulfillment will help you to do. At a point, it becomes a business expense that is essential to the growth of your company. Here are some clues to look for so you know it is time that you need a fulfillment company!


Shipping is getting more and more expensive

When working with a fulfillment company you should be able to get more than just the benefit of peace of mind. An added benefit is that most companies that do specialize in outsourcing fulfillment usually have special deals with shipping companies so that you are guaranteed a discounted rate. Sitting down and adding up all of the costs that it takes for your company to do the shipping itself, it may be seen that it would be cost-effective if you getting someone else to do it. Looking at the invisible costs like the time that you spent packaging your products is something that you need to take into account when deciding if this is the best decision for your company.


Lacking speed and accuracy

When orders are starting to pile up you will be faced with the added stress that you are going to have to package and ship the items as fast as possible. This can lead to accuracy problems and unhappy customers. Lack of speed can also become an issue because you have one location that you are shipping from, when working with a fulfillment company they can direct you to centralized locations to make sure that your product is getting to the customer as fast as possible. With eCommerce getting faster and faster, mainly because of Amazon, most people are now expecting packages within 4 days of placing their order. This is crucial for you to keep your customers happy and not going to your competition.


Complex projects

It becomes hard when you start to offer complex items on your website like subscription boxes. When shipping just a singular thing a box it is very simple you just put the said item in the box and ship it out, but when kitting is involved it needs many items that may be at different locations in your shop. This can make you forget items or just take too long to assemble. When outsourcing they will be able to kit all of your packages in the most effective and cost-effective way.


Most people think that outsourcing fulfillment is just too expensive and that they could never do it, but with the right research, it can push your company to be more profitable than ever. Time value is a big invisible cost that you have to think about when running a company, wouldn’t your time be better spent working on marketing campaigns, or new items rather than packing up orders, you might even save money in shipping costs. So if you think that your company is that step, contact Complemar and we will set up a free consultation to see if our company is right for you!

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