The Importance of Social Media Marketing
27 Oct 2020 Jeremy Herrington

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media is growing to be one of the biggest forms of media and is growing at an unprecedented pace with over 59 percent of the world’s population having a social media presence the potential reach is unlimited and can be a cheaper option compared to print and tv ads. Social media has so much potential because consumers log into and view their feeds daily, which allows them to consume large amounts of media and ads. One thing that is a barrier to entry is how complex it is. Social media is always evolving and hard to keep up with. What might have been a trend one day is gone the next, but with time you could become a social media marketing pro! Here are some reasons why if your company has not looked into social media marketing to put it at the top of your list.


  1. Story Telling

Social media offers the unique opportunity to show your audience and consumer the “behind the scenes” and insight into some of their favorite brands. This is where you can connect with your audience and relate to them, reach out, and respond to them. Doing this will build a closer bond with your customer and their loyalty to your brand will show.


  1. Inexpensive

Comparatively to traditional media, the same reach will cost fractions. The most important to grow a page or brand naturally online is to post consistently and have relatable posts. Something else that is crucial is the use of keywords. Using keywords on your posts could garner more traffic and may result in a conversion. By doing this you will gather a following that will be more interested in your brand and may convert to customers in the future.


  1. Provides Support

In this day and age when people have questions or concerns they are not going to call a hotline instead, they might send your company a message on social media or post on their feed something that they might find concerning about your product or brand. Here you can help the customer and also show a sense of authenticity. If someone is talking poorly about your brand or product, you can now reach out to the customer and support them. However, this needs to be done promptly. Time is crucial and keeping the customer waiting for a response is never an option.


Social media is only going to grow and starting might be a daunting task, but it is crucial. Nearly 80 percent of companies share content on social media and not having the presence will put you at an instant disadvantage when it comes to SEO and trying to win over customers. When starting, remember to target the most effective social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. One thing to never forget is a following is not gained over a day, but with quality content and a strict posting schedule, your pages are bound to gain impressions and draw attention from potential customers.

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